Furniture Repair & Restoration

We have the training and experience to repair any furniture issue along with the passion to give your furniture the care it deserves.

Furniture that doesn't show its age

You will find that at Able Furniture Company we take great pride in restoring even the oldest of antique furniture pieces back to their original splendor. There's a reason we've built up such a good reputation over the last 90 plus years.

Ask around. There's no question that we have distinguished ourselves as a leader in furniture and antique restoration with our quality work and a strong attention to detail bordering on obsessive to get you the best results humanly possible. Each day, we handle a wide range of repairs from fixing small scratches to changing the color of an entire piece to crafting replacement parts.

Whatever your interior design vision, we can help create it. We help Interior Designers use their customer's existing furniture and manipulates it to match their updated room's new style.

Whatever your chair damage, we can help fix it. We specialize in furniture repair and restoration, chair gluing and structural stabilization, veneer repair, minor upholstery repair.

Whatever your table damage, we can help fix it. We specialize in table repair and restoration; stripping and refinishing, veneer repair, structural repair, and other services.