Find out what other clients say about our antique restoration services to make sure that the quality fits your needs.

Diana has been and continues to be, my binder of choice for over ten years. In reference to my specialization in 18th-century books, her restoration and rebinding is state of the art was perfect!

Phillip Moore

Diana is really talented, examples of her work grace the shelves of many private and institutional collections on both sides of the Atlantic. My highest recommendation for her talents and reliability.

Mike Williams

In forty-three years of antiquarian bookselling, we have come across many old and rare books that are in need of care and restoration. We are very grateful for the loving attention they get from Christian.

Diana Welaskes

We have never been disappointed with the repair/restoration of our furniture; on the contrary, the items always come back to us beautifully and professionally restored and at a price we think is very fair.

Ethan Smith

I acquire antique jewelry in need of sympathetic restoration to make them look their best. I gave it to Eugene, and from the start, I’ve been impressed with his attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship.

Anna Rosewoods

Recently Diane re-attached the front cover of a fine English binding and, as responsible dealers, we’ll have to point out the fact to a prospective purchaser because it’s virtually undetectable.

Michael Hensley